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We sell our travel abroad offers which help students to realize their dreams to study in world-class universities overseas. You’re assured of returning with a recognized degree and strong new academic experience of high quality.

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We render excellent Consultation Services


Admission Processing

We help students to secure university admission for Bachelors, Masters & PhD.



We have agreements with schools in Cyprus, Germany, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Turkey & United Kingdom.


Visa Processing

Easy and stress free visa process from point of acceptance from university till arrival at the the university campus.

About Us

We are an agency whose mission is to promote studies abroad, to help students realize their project and to sell our travel offers abroad.

Our consultants coach you in all your efforts, from the initial orientation, through the development of your file and until you enroll in one of the universities you have selected. Be guided by our team of advisers and go abroad to study with confidence – sure to return with a recognized degree and strong new academic experience of high quality.

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All levels of study


Pharmacy, Nursing, Bioengineering, Computer Engineering, IT, English Teaching, Communication (Radio & TV, Public relations & advertising) Economics, Business Management, International relations, Law.


Environmental Science, Agric, Economics, International banking & finance, Media & Communication, English Language Teaching, Management Information Systems, IT, Computer Engineering, Law, International Relations.


Tourism & Hospitality Management, Management Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, energy Systems, Communication, Pharmaceutical Science Computer Engineering...

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